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Welcome to HRD Portal
The HRD Portal is a web training portal owned by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad ('PSMB') where training community meet to perform various training activities online. All employers (HRDF and non-HRDF) are welcomed to become the member of the portal. However, training provider's subscription is only opened to those registered with PSMB only. The main objective of this portal is to facilitate training activities among training providers and employers by leveraging on the usage of ICT. Training portal is one of many PSMB initiatives to promote training and retraining among employers.

The HRD Portal serves as a promotion agent for training providers to continuously market various types of training programmes to employers. The portal facilitates training activities by offering online services to identify suitable training programmes, register, negotiate, process and confirm sales of training services between training providers and employers. The HRD Portal enables training providers to promote themselves better and be more cost effective in order to remain competitive in the globalized trading environment.

The HRD Portal is more than just a `Yellow Pages of Training' to employers. It provides employers with various types of latest information on training programmes conducted by numerous training providers. It also enables employers to register online with the training providers. With the information at their fingertips, employers would be able to plan and address their training needs more effectively.

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